**Bring a YOGA MAT
Mats can be provided to those who don't have one at some locations only, even so it is strongly suggested to purchase your own.

***Bring a large towel
this is very helpful for those with sensitive knees and wrist.

**Bring a BLANKET for relaxation
It is important to retain body heat that was created during class as you relax. This blanket is also useful folded under wrists and knees for those with sensitivites.

Bring yourself, a smile and an open mind!

Do not eat a heavy meal 2 hrs prior to a class!!!!

**Always consult your doctor before starting any new physical activity, should you have any medical issues. Please advise the teacher of any past injuries. Pregnant women MUST tell their doctor they are taking yoga, and advise the teacher of any change in the pregnancy/fetal positioning.

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